Your CoolSculpting Journey – 6 Things to Know!

Your CoolSculpting Journey – 6 Things to Know!

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Are you tired of being out of shape, despite being the right weight for your height? Have you tried freezing the excess fat out of your body?

Well, CoolSculpting does just that!

Most people believe that toiling away in hot, temperate conditions is the best way to get rid of stubborn fat. But that’s just not true anymore. CoolSculpting has emerged as a very reliable way of getting rid of stubborn body fat, folds, and bumps, etc.  It is effective, permanent and great at giving you the body you’ve always wanted to have.

It is also a good alternative to liposuction. In fact, it’s much better. CoolSculpting is entirely non-invasive and can transform your body while contouring it via a painless procedure. Globally acclaimed cosmetic dermatology experts at this Indianapolis-based clinic, have already ensured great results for hundreds of their clients.

So, what exactly is CoolSculpting anyway?

It is an FDA approved treatment, a completely non-surgical procedure that happens with a handheld device. Now, this device freezes the fat that is stored directly beneath the surface of the skin. The process eventually destroys the fat cells completely.

This may sound very sci-fi but rest assured that the technology is very safe to use. However, the CoolSculpting tech is not for people who have to lose a lot of weight to get fit. Instead, it is considered ideal for people who are only a few pounds away from their goal weight. It helps remove stubborn fat and trim down the body, in all the places exercise might be proving ineffective. So, your abs, love handles, jiggly arms, back, and even the area below the chin can be nicely thinned via CoolSculpting. Remember, it really just sculpts the body, instead of shedding the pounds.

Here are a few more must know facts to know about the procedure:

1. You Can Have Visible Effects in a Few Weeks

Be patient. It will take up to a week for others to notice that you are looking slimmer and shapelier. The dramatic changes take their time, but they are long-lasting and very noticeable. In about two months after the treatment, your body will have had enough time to eliminate all the toxins and heal from the procedure, and that’s when you will start looking like your best self. And the progress won’t stop there. Your body will continue to shed the shattered fat cells for up to 6 months.

2. You Will Get Bored During the Treatment

So, here’s the deal about the actual treatment as well. Each session lasts about an hour, and only the practitioner can tell you how many sessions you will need to complete the procedure. The contouring session can get boring as they continue to click away at your stubborn fat with the CoolSculpting device. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring something to keep you engaged during your appointment at the office. Bring a book to read or maybe your phone or tablet to browse the internet and watch videos as the treatment progresses. Some people even take a nap in the meanwhile.

3. You Are Ultimately Responsible for the Results

Yes, the CoolSculpting procedure is a great one for refining the curves of your body, but that doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of looking after your own health and fitness. It is important to maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen when following this cool contouring treatment. Leave bad eating habits behind, or else you run the risk of gaining weight back in those problem areas. Keep eating well and exercising and the results of CoolSculpting will last a lifetime.

4. Number of Sessions Varies for each Patient

Everyone has different shape goals and overall health. The number of sessions you will be prescribed really depends on a number of factors. Your desired contouring area might be more stubborn than others for starters. On the other hand, your budget, condition of your skin and other recommendations also matter a lot.

5. There Aren’t Any possible side effects of CoolSculpting

As long as your treatment is being carried out by qualified medical professionals, there is nothing to worry about. They are experts at ensuring that you have safe CoolSculpting experience. However, it is perfectly fine to experience side effects such as redness in the area, tingling or even numbness. These issues are temporary and will go away on their own in up to 10 days.

6. CoolSculpting is Better Than Liposuction

Both these procedures are great for contouring the body, but only one doesn’t leave an open wound at the end, and that’s CoolSculpting. It’s great for women of all ages and offers the same dramatic results of liposuction but without the additional invasiveness. Most patients return to work the same day after the procedure.

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