3 Great Ways To Track Your Fertility

February 27, 2019 No Comment

Trying for a baby is often a confusing and stressful time; but is significantly eased through simple planning and preparation! Tracking your ovulation is a crucial way in which the likelihood of conception is improved. Today we discuss three simple methods to track fertility and ovulation, making the process of conception a clearer time, whilst helping to remove potential stress!

  1. Simple Methods

The age-old method of just tracking your period is a great initial way to start your journey of conception. Monitoring the different points in your menstruation cycle allows for the acknowledgement of the ‘fertile window’ – the few days in which conception is distinctly higher. This is period of time in which you are most fertile and occurs the day an egg is released from the ovary, called ovulation, and the five days previously. Measuring your basal temperature, the consistency of cervical mucus and even looking out for pain around ovulation are all alternative, natural ways of predicting ovulation. However, each of these maintain higher levels of inconsistency, precision and of course accuracy, in comparison to methods that utilise technology!

  1. Utilising Your Smart Phone

As a generation intertwined with modernity and technology, smart phones and tablets are at least now a common house hold item- so why not use them for tracking fertility, as well as watching tv or playing the latest game! There are countless apps dedicated to the ease of menstruation cycle tracking, ranging from the more detailed methods to those that replicate calendar marking. Many of these apps require personal data to help with efficiency and increase in accuracy with the more data they collect. This means it is often a long process, but certainly helps with precision.

  1. Advanced Monitoring via predicting kits

Smart phone apps are certainly a step up from simple tracking and measuring, but why not go one further and look into the more advanced monitoring systems available. This improvement takes shape in not only accuracy, but reliability too, but not at huge expense to your wallet! With the use of an ovulation monitor easily becoming part of your daily routine, the benefits are undoubtedly

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