5 Apps That Help You Improve Your Mental Health

January 21, 2019 No Comment

In today’s volatile world, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are rapidly increasing. Consulting therapists can often be costly, time consuming or even manifest greater anxiety for certain people.  However, there are other tools you can employ to improve your mental health from the comfort of your own home.

Mental health apps deliver a variety of therapeutic resources and retain techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help patients with a range of mental disorders such as depression, eating disorders and bipolar disorder. Experts claim that these apps will play a great role in the future as alternative treatments for mental health.

These 5 apps are our top picks to help your start improving your mental health today:

  1. Mind Shift:

Mind Shift is a free app that personifies into a portable coach facilitating users with concerns that rise form anxiety such as insomnia, panic, worry, perfectionism, social and performance anxiety. Designed particularly for teenagers and young adults, this app helps people curb anxiety by encouraging users to cultivate a healthier way of thinking and providing strategies that assist them in taking charge of their own anxiety.

  1. BetterHelp:

BetterHelp is an app designed to allow users of all ages to find and connect with licensed counsellors and therapists in a convenient manner. Users can browse over 750 therapists and choose either one-on-one live sessions or bigger group webinars as mediums for therapy. This app allows users to reap the benefits of traditional therapy in a more cost and time-effective manner.

  1. SuperBetter:

What can be better than a portable free game that helps you improve your mental health at your fingertips? SuperBetter does just that! This game concentrates on stirring resilience, motivation, optimism and the ability to stay strong in users. SuperBetter provides users with 4 tools that help them transform any challenge into an epic adventure! This app promises to help users get out of tough situations in real life and meet their goals with ease.

  1. Moodpath

Moodpath allows users to assess their mental health by asking daily questions about their mental and physical wellbeing as well as providing mental health reports every two weeks. You can journal all your emotional responses, thoughts and feelings that will help you receive beneficial insights into your thought patterns and triggers. The app also provides a large library of audio files and written exercises that employ CBT methods to help improve your mental health.

  1. Simple Habit

Simple Habit is one of the greatest meditation apps available on the IOS store. The app offers meditations ranging from 5 minutes a day to hour-long sessions that are ideal for on the go. Users can improve signs of insomnia, anxiety, depression and many other mental afflictions through the use of the app’s guided meditations and breathing techniques. The premium version of the app also allows you to download your favourite meditations to use offline, making it ideal for travel. Simple Habit promises users a greater sense of happiness, relaxation and tranquility.

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