6 Things to Look For in a Video Converter

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Video converters come in numerous shapes and sizes. Some are online-based platforms, while others are software. Some may be free, while others are not.

While there are several areas that you should look for in a video converter, there are a few that are definitely extremely important:

  • Supported input formats

The range of input formats that are supported are important, and should ideally be as wide as possible. In most cases it is impossible to predict what formats you’ll need to convert videos from, and so the wider the range – the better.

Ideally the input formats that are supported should include some of the more obscure formats, as you will probably want and need to convert them to more commonly-used formats.

  • Supported output formats

While a wider range of output formats is good, it isn’t as essential. Instead the main thing that you should look for is support for popular and newer formats that you are probably going to want to convert to.

Additionally you should identify any specific formats you may need to convert to, and make sure they are supported.

  • Batch processing

Being able to convert videos in batches can be very useful if you ever need to convert multiple videos. Rather than having to set up each conversion individually, you could just set the converter to convert the entire ‘batch’ of videos.

  • User experience

The user experience of video converters counts for a lot, and ideally it should make converting videos as simple as possible. One useful way to gauge the user experience is by evaluating how long it takes you to set up a video conversion, for example in Movavi Video Converter you could convert MOV file to MP4 or any other format in just 3 steps.

On top of that you should look into how easy or difficult it is to adjust the video settings, and use any other features that may be present in the video converter. Although you may not feel you need some features, there is no telling when they could come in handy.

  • Presets for devices and platforms

Having a reliable set of presets for various devices and platforms can simplify the task of converting videos. For example if you need to upload a Pinterest video pin, having a preset would come in handy so you don’t need to check in advance what the recommended format and settings are.

  • Frequent updates

Because new formats are being released constantly, the frequency at which a video converter is updated is important. Ideally it should be quick to add encoding capabilities for new formats, so that you’re able to always convert your videos to the latest formats if necessary.

As you look for video converters, be sure to pay attention to each item in the list above and gauge how it stacks up. If you do you should find it a whole lot easier to find a reliable and effective video converter that you can use.

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