7 Organic Foods That Are Good for Teeth

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Our food choices have a lot to do with the health of our teeth and gums. If we eat right, it helps maintain better dental health. And if we don’t eat, our oral health will suffer over time. Foods high in sugar and acid can harm our teeth, weaken the enamel and push us towards premature tooth loss. Poor food choices can also risk tooth decay. It’s therefore important to eat only what is healthy and what our dental health requires. Organic foods are always helpful as they contain all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients required to keep oral health in good health.


Here are some of the organic foods which are considered good for teeth or for dental health –


  1. Apples – Not all sweet foods are bad for your teeth. there are some exceptions and apples right belong to that category. They might be sweet, but the presence of a high level of water and fiber makes them good organic food for teeth. When you eat an apple, it helps produce saliva in the mouth which is necessary to wash away food debris and bacteria to keep the teeth healthy. What’s more, the fibrous texture of apple helps stimulate the gums and keep them healthy. The fruit is good at giving the mouth a helpful scrubbing to keep bacteria away.


  1. Carrots – Carrots are very much like apples – sweet, fibrous and high in water. They are crunchy as well so eating them means getting your teeth and jaw the much-needed exercise. You can eat the carrot and increase saliva production in the mouth. And when saliva is adequately present in the oral cavity, there will be no food debris, plaque and bacteria to cause dental problems. They are also good at minimizing the risk of cavities. Plus, carrots are a good source of vitamin A which is essential for maintaining good eyesight. So, include this organic food in your diet and maintain superior dental health.


  1. Celery – Some people find celery bland, watery and with strings attached as well. So, they avoid consuming it thinking it won’t help them much. Well, they are mistaken as this organic food is as powerful as apples and carrots when it comes to maintaining dental health. Eating it can help scrub away bacteria and food particles from the teeth. The presence of two antioxidants also makes celery good food for giving the gums a boost. It also contains vitamins A and C which can be needed to stay healthy. So, make celery part of your diet program and maintain your oral health.


  1. Onions – The onions in your kitchen are great for your dental health. Sadly, though not many people know this, or those who are familiar with it don’t use this organic food for maintaining dental health. Well, you should know how onions have powerful anti-bacterial properties which can kill the bacteria causing gum disease and cavities. To get the most out of this food, eat them raw or chew them raw on a regular basis. You can eat a few slices as salad and enrich your dental health easily.


  1. Garlic & Ginger – Both garlic and ginger are great for your teeth and gums. you must include them in your regular diet to maintain better dental health. The allicin present in garlic has powerful antimicrobial properties and can help fight tooth decay and periodontal disease. Similarly, ginger is quite effective against bacteria growth and it can also fresh your breath. If you want to rely on home remedies for healthy and disease-free teeth, make sure your diet includes both these organic foods for sure.


  1. Almonds – Almonds are just magical for your teeth in more ways than one. They are low in sugar yet high in calcium and protein which are key nutrients for maintaining the health of teeth. You can eat them as a salad or with your lunch without worrying about any dental health harms. What’s more, almonds can give your teeth and jaw the exercise they deserve for maintaining vigor and strength over time. So, you must make almonds part of the regular diet if you are really concerned about maintaining your dental health.


  1. Leafy Greens – Any foods that are low in calories yet full of vitamins and minerals can do wonders for your teeth. That’s why leafy greens such as spinach and kale are so popular and widely used for promoting oral health. The high level of calcium in them can help build the tooth enamel. The folic acid present in them can help treat gum disease in pregnant ladies. So, if oral health is a concern for you, make sure your diet in enriched with leafy greens on a regular basis. For more information, it’s always good to visit best dental clinic and ask the dentist to guide about diet.

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