Family Holidays in Canada: Where to Go by Car?

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Canada is so large and diverse that it often combines incompatible things: French lightness and English stiffness, icy deserts and ocean beaches, lowland lakes and mountain waterfalls. In Canada, you will find a huge number of places deserving attention, and many of them can be visited with the whole family. However, if you hire a car at rentalcars24h for your trip, then your opportunities in terms of sightseeing will be even greater. So, the most striking Canadian road trip destinations are the following spots…

Niagara Falls

The world famous waterfall is, in fact, a complex of waterfalls located on the border of Canada and the United States, on the Niagara River. American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are low, falling from 53 meters, but they are distinguished by the width and volume of water.

niagara falls

Due to the fact that the waterfalls attract so many tourists, two cities formed near the waterfall from the American and Canadian sides, are now rapidly developing. A view of the Canadian Horseshoes’s boiling streams opens from observation platforms, from the boats coming up to the foot of the falls, as well as from the tunnel passing under it. However, fabulous panoramas are available for tourists not only during the day. In the evening, waterfalls from the American side are lit with powerful multi-colored searchlights, and from the Canadian side, fireworks are launched near the Horseshoe. Ticket price depends on the selected viewing platform and entertainment, and costs from 11 to 18 CAD.


Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

The largest museum in Canada was opened in Toronto in 1912 and nowadays it combines the collections of several museums. Historical, ethnographic, archaeological, and art history expositions will interest all their visitors: children will be amazed by dinosaurs and ancient reptiles exhibition, ladies – by an exhibition of precious stones, paintings or national costumes, while men usually stay for a long time in the archaeological hall or at expositions devoted to the Mediterranean countries. Tickets cost from 15 to 20 CAD.


Banff National Park

A large Canadian national park is located 110 kilometers away from Calgary, where airplanes fly with tourists aspiring to the ski resorts of the Rocky Mountains. One of these centers of skiing is based near the town of Banff. The city has a well-developed infrastructure with cheap hostels and luxury hotels, laundries, and restaurants. Several sports centers are equipped with cable cars – if taking advantage of them, adults and children can go skiing and snowboarding. Walking on the huge forest zones of the park on foot is not recommended, especially with young children, because in the conditions of the reserve a lot of wild animals live: deer and moose, cougars and coyotes, bears and wolves are among them.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

In summer, for mountain and forest walks, you can rent a car, moped or bicycle. There are rental offices in Calgary, on Lake Louise and in Banff. In the city you can rent a gondola and ride on the lake, as well as play golf on the courses among the picturesque mountains. The price of a family ticket is about 20 CAD.


Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium is considered to be a must-visit place if you travel to Canada with the whole family. Aquarium is more than half a century old. The building houses exhibitions and thematic exhibitions – for example, you can see a collection of butterflies, get acquainted with the underwater world of Canadian oceans, tropical rivers and forests.

Vancouver Aquarium

(photo by Austin Appel)

Through the glass walls of the huge aquarium you’ll be able to observe the life of sharks, dolphins and seals, sea lions and sea otters. Children are allowed to touch anemones and sea sponges in small outdoor pools. For entry you need to pay from 13 to 21 CAD.

By the way, Vancouver also attracts tourists with the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which stretches over the river and dense forest at the height of 70 meters. Travelers usually take stunning pictures from this bridge. Tickets cost from 12 to 32 CAD.


Montreal Biodome

Biodome is a combination of an environmental zoo with a science center –it’s located next to the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. The building with a transparent roof originally served as a velodrome, and now its area has five rooms dedicated to different ecosystems: the tropical and mixed forest of South and North America, as well as the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Biodome, Montreal

(photo by graham chandler)

If you wish, you can listen to the lectures, or watch films about nature and the need to save it. An insectarium, an aquarium and a zoo are available for visits. Another interesting feature of the biodome is that animals are not kept in cages, but in free enclosures, in the most habitual environment for them. Children’s ticket price is 10 CAD, adult – 18 CAD.


Canadian War Museum

The military history museum in Ottawa combines all the information about the centuries-old military history of Canada from Indian times to modern conflicts. Here you can learn about all the military operations where Canadian soldiers or diplomats took part. The exhibition presents weapons, medals, uniforms, as well as unique military documentation. Separate rooms are reserved for army transport, ship guns and large-sized weapons. The cost of a single visit is 9 and 15 CAD for children and adults, respectively.

canadian war museum

(photo by mike gleeson)

As you see, you can find many interesting and memorable places while traveling to Canada with your family. The visiting of these sights helps to develop the complete image of Canada, with its centuries-old history, archeology and unique landscapes.




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