13 Super Cool Features You Can Find On Luxury Cars

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Technology will never stop to amaze us. In this modern age and time, innovation and luxury go together and new innovations pop up every year. Auto industry combines knows best how to combine these two features.

Companies are trying to out-do each other by creating unique car features that can offer amazing experiences.

Let’s see what are the latest innovative features you can spot on luxury cars:

Car Seat Massager

Nothing speaks of luxury more than a car fitted with a seat massager. This is the perfect companion to long drives without getting tired. You can find this feature in vehicles like the 201 Cadillac XTS.

Sky Control

Driving on a bright sunny day can be irritating as super bright light keeps reflecting on your eyes. Sky control is a feature input in the Mercedes SL that gives you control over the amount of light that enters the car. Besides the light, you can also control the amount of heat that gets in the car. This gives a sunny day ride another dimension.

Seat Coolers

When driving for long distances on a hot day, you may end up sweating a lot. Usually, you would be inclined to open the window and allow air to blow in and cool you. But sometimes that’s not the best solution, like when driving fast on a highway.

Seat cooling is a great feature that combats the heat along with the aforementioned sky control. The Volkswagen Phaeton is one of the car brands that cools you off as you are seated.

Magic Body Control

Drive with comfort knowing your car will safeguard you all along the way. The Mercedes Benz S-class has a body control system that scans the road ahead and whenever it sees a road irregularity, like potholes, it releases the vehicle suspensions. It also has a camera on the windshield that is meant only to scan the road ahead.

Supercruise System

Enjoy a hands-free experience by riding in a car that had the super cruise control.

Here, you can focus on keeping your eyes on the road as the car uses cameras, LIDAR, mapping data and sensor to cruise around. The Cadillac CT6 has this feature.

Heated Steering Wheel

Sweating in your car takes all the pleasure away, but driving in winter can also be troublesome. Your hands can get numb due to the cold temperatures and you become a road hazard. Getting a car with a heated steering wheel will allow you to drive safely and comfortably regardless of how cold the weather. You can find this feature in the Hyundai and Chrysler 300.

Traffic Jam Pilot

Working only under 60 km per hour, this feature gives you the choice of operating on the autopilot as you wait in heavy traffic. You do not have to do anything. The car will speed up and brake on its own. You can find this in the BMW and Audi A8 Sedan.

Vacuum Cleaner

The Honda Odyssey comes with a set internal cleaning system consisting of a vacuum cleaner, replaceable filter, and a canister bag. It has a hose pipe that is 8 foot tall to allow the vacuum cleaner to reach all corners of the car. It is stored in the storage compartment for easy access. With just a push of a button, you are set to cleaning your car wherever and whenever you want.

Aluminum Body and Wheels

Most luxury car developers are innovating ways to make the car lighter and reduce the amounts of emissions. The Rolls Royce Phantom has embraced aluminum to create the architecture of the car. It makes the whole experience feel like riding a magical carpet.

Racing cars employ the use of forged aluminum wheels as well, as it makes racers lighter and faster while on the tracks. Porsche, Lamborghini, and Audi can all be outfitted with these sleek and high-performance wheels.

Remote Control Parking

Parking is a problem for many. Many cars have parking sensors nowadays, but some are more detailed than others. The BMW M760i caps this problem by providing a remote control feature. You can park your car even in the tightest spots without worry. The same applies to get out of a bad parking situation.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

It’s frustrating when you get underinflated tires while you are on a journey with no pump for several miles. This decreases fuel efficiency as well as diminishing the car braking system. On another side, overinflated tires may lead to faster tire breakage. Luckily, some car brands come with a fitted tire pressure check to give real-time information on the state of the tires.

Executive Back Seats

Found mostly on luxury Sedans. Consists of a two seating space with a fixed center console. The seats are equipped with memory functions and are ventilated.

They come with reclining capabilities. You can get such seats also in the Tesla Model S, Maserati Quattroporte and the Range Rover.


The Airscarf is a neck-level heating system. It was innovated by Mercedes for their E-class Cabriolet. It has a heating element on the head backrest that acts like a scarf distributing heat on the neck and head region.

It produces only the ideal warmth depending on the interior and exterior temperatures of the car.

The option to choose a luxury car over an ordinary one can be utterly out of passion. However, the experience achieved from getting a luxury car is the top tier and well rounded. You are assured of topline features that you do not get in ordinary vehicles.


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