From an Outcast to a Celebrity

From An Outcast To A Celebrity

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“My eyes believe you filled the oceans, and made the mountains rise,

Deceive me however many times, my heart is yours to break”

(Arch Hades)


Life has its ups and downs. The irony with Arch’s life was that her expression of sheer sadness became the very reason for her fame. Born in 1992, Arch Hades is a British Insta sensation having a following of an astounding 100,000+.

Arch was exposed to literature early in her life with her grandfather being a poet. She was sent to an all-girls boarding where she acquired her early education. Although she didn’t practice it much, there was a part of her that loved writing. It was only a matter of time that this part of her got rekindled taking her fame spiraling upwards.

The Insta-Poet

As Arch matured and met the world, she met a man, with whom she got struck by love. Her ever-blooming heart had fallen for him and she decided to marry, but like most first loves and summer times, her story too was also on an impending downward spiral. Soon, the youngster got divorced. Arch wasn’t ready to take this heartbreak, but she wasn’t left with much choice. Stung by reality and bit by despair, Arch was searching for ways to express her sorrow. She thought why not give poetry a try, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe did!

This was not the only broken relationship of her life. Arch had been in broken relationships before and after her marriage, but none seemed to work out. Bruised inside, Arch began to funnel her grief into words and verses in mid-2018. The hopeless romantic decided to share her writing with the world, and this is where her life overturned drastically.

Soon after uploading her sad poems, she realized that she was not the only one suffering through this misery. There were many others who could relate to her poems, and that’s how she began attracting followers one after the other. The numbers began to rise with each passing day, and before Arch knew, she has become and Insta celebrity.

Features and Appearances

Arch has been posting short poems on Instagram for quite a while now. She has become an internationally acclaimed poet and has been featured on various radio shows and magazines. Some of her most notable appearances were on channels like BBC radio, SFM radio, and Siren Radio. Magazines like Female First, Daily Mail, Essex Magazine, New Zealand Herald, and several others also wrote articles on Arch Hades.

Since her fame, Arch Hades has also published a collection of her poetry in her book, “High Tide: Poetry & Postcards”. This book is currently available on online platforms like Amazon. The book has also received a great reception from her fans. Arch Hades has come a long way in a fairly short time. Today, she is considered as one of the top British “Instapoets”. Although she has had experience working in politics, Arch Hades plans on continuing to do poetry. You can follow her on Instagram through this link:

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