Guide to Finding Fame as an Artist

Guide to Finding Fame as an Artist

February 11, 2019 No Comment

When it comes to being known around the world, things can either work out very well for you or go horrendously wrong. So wrong, that you might have to consider another career if you want to eat well and live a life that is truly comfortable and healthy for your soul, mind and body. Such is the case for many artists. You see, art is something that is extensive, but sometimes, people can blow this out of proportion by taking it a bit too far. While this might make the person happy for their own self, there’s no telling of what the reaction of the bystanders would be.

While it’s true that finding fame at any point in time is easier said than done, it’s still factual that fame is something that can be created as long as you know what to do and how to do it. The fact of the matter is that there are ways to finding fame as an artist that you can only find out with this guide.

Find a Notable Art Curation Company

The first step to letting your name be known to everyone is by selling or publishing your art to a company that is notable. General Public by Portia de Rossi is an excellent choice for this. Not only is Portia de Rossi a renowned personality, but she and the rest of her squad truly understand art in its purest form. General Public is an LA-based company that recreates the artwork of brilliant artists while also ensuring that newer artists get the recognition that they deserve. General Public was founded by Portia de Rossi in 2017 and since then, has lived up to its motto which is Support Artists. Not Art.

Stay Humble Always

Yes, your artwork is sheer brilliance and it is absolutely awe-inspiring. But does that really give you the opportunity to treat people or other artists like you’re above them? Absolutely not. You are allowed to gloat and feel pride, but don’t give people the feeling that you’re not humble or genuine. If you get ahead of yourself and treat people like trash, you will lose the fame much faster than you got it.

Be Socially Active

It’s 2018 and if you think you can pull off the mysterious artist sketch, then you’d probably have to be someone who’s either really good at it or your work will never reach the spotlight. This is the age of digitization and it’s crucial to understand that having a social media presence will only work in your advantage. If you feel that that won’t be the case, then you’re free to test out the waters anyway.

Moreover, when it comes to art and artists, it can be quite difficult to find the fame that you might be seeking. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not good enough but just that the competition is stronger and you must push yourself to be more known and more, well, famous.

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