Healthy Road Trip Snacks For Toddlers

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Road trips may be a fun family activity, but they’re also fairly challenging. You have to make sure your little ones are full and entertained while keeping your eyes on the road. The key to a successful trip is packing the necessary snacks. A happy tummy equals a happy toddler. As well as that, you should make time for plenty of pits stops. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but you’ll also manage to keep your kids calm and avoid stress. Plus, with all the snacks and fun times, you really are going to need a few potty breaks.

1. Crunchy and tasty chips alternative

If your little ones love to munch on chips, crackers, and saltines, you’re going to love this healthy alternative. Dried fruit crisps are much healthier for your young ones but taste incredible. You can easily come by banana or apple crisps. Another favourite of many families’ is kale crisps. Dried fruits and veggies are great for the road as they don’t take up too much space, plus they don’t need to be kept cool.

Most importantly, with these delicious snacks, you’ll ensure your children will get their dose of vitamins for the day.

2. Whole grain is the way to go

Whole grain is what keeps your kids full and gives them energy without the added sugars and fats. Your road trip snack buffet should thus definitely include some whole grain products. One way to come by whole grain is definitely by purchasing granola bars. They’re easily available and fairly inexpensive, plus they can be easily stored.

You could also get a little more creative and introduce popcorn to the mix. The flavour is addictive, but thankfully popcorn has a high percentage of whole grain and is low in calories- making it ideal for the road.

3. Treat your kids

Just because you want your kids to be healthy doesn’t mean you can’t treat them a little. No matter how organic and fresh your snacks need to be, there’s nothing a toddler loves more than a little sugar. Of course, this doesn’t mean fueling your kids with junk food because they deserve a treat. It means looking into dark chocolate recipes which give them the amount of sugar they crave but keep them healthy, and most importantly, calm.

You can make mini chocolate chip cookies or even bite-sized brownies. Thanks to the internet, you can easily come across healthy recipes which don’t involve all that sugar but give the cookies and brownies their signature taste.

4. Have backups

No matter how much you think is enough- it won’t be enough. Children have the power to go through snacks like crazy. This is especially true if you’ve got a day of fun activities planned. This is why, on top of your scheduled snacks, you should pack some backups. This can include making more sandwiches, or packing more fruits, but also adding emergency snacks to the mix.

Emergency snacks can be anything from trail mixes to raisins. Their job is to keep the little tummies full and happy when all else has been eaten. Typically, you’ll need to use these snacks by the end of the journey, so it will be just enough to get your kids to dinner.

5. Add some protein to the mix

Protein shouldn’t be left out of any day, especially when you’re travelling. With the addition of protein, your kids will have the energy to last the journey and see all the sights. Everyone knows that a tired toddler is a fussy toddler you don’t want to be stuck in a car with. There are tons of protein recipes you can turn to, but this one is perhaps the most kid-friendly. In other words, you may even include your kids in the making process.

Take some rice cakes and smear peanut butter on them, and add a slice of banana in between. Since you’re dealing with toddlers here, it might be smart to opt for mini rice cakes or cut the big ones in half. Bite size is the way to go with every toddler-friendly snack in order to avoid messes.

6. Vitamins with fresh fruits and veggies

You can’t have healthy without fresh fruits and veggies. Since eating fruits and veggies can be really messy even at home, you should take some precautions on the road. Cut up the fruit in bite-size pieces and pack it in small plastic containers. Next, make sure your kids are securely strapped into their sturdy Maxi-Cosi car seat.

This way, there will be virtually no way for them to accidentally create a mess or stain the car with snack pieces. You should also give them a bib just to make sure they don’t ruin their outfit. Now your toddler will get their daily dose of vitamins and healthy sugars while you don’t have to worry about finding snack pieces all over the car.

7. Don’t forget the drinks

With all those snacks, your kids are bound to get thirsty. This is why you can’t forget to pack a few bottles of water. It’s important to stay hydrated on the road, especially if the weather is warm. If you want to mix things up, you can create organic fruit juices for your kids.

Some homemade lemonade or orange juice ought to do the trick. For those who prefer sticking to water, mint leaves are a great way to enhance the effects of freshness. Mint will also give your little ones some more energy than just regular water will.


Nothing beats the thrill of putting your kids in their seats, strapping them in, and hitting the gas paddle. Adventure awaits any family brave enough to answer its call. The journey might be tiresome and rough at times, but in the end, a family road trip will be remembered well into adulthood. With all the games, songs, snacks, and laughter- there is no problem that can’t be fixed on the road.

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