Helping Your Younger Sibling Get into College

April 9, 2019 No Comment

College admissions are one of the most challenging aspects of academic growth. The stress students and their parents experience while embarked on the college application process cannot be overstated. The pressure to perform in school, while having to juggle adult life processes, remain a challenge to a many a student.

Should you have a sibling in such a crossroad, you have a decision to make. Should you or should you not get involve? In the overwhelmingly majority of cases, siblings will in fact help and counsel each other as needed, through-out the college application process.

Below are a few tips on how to approach a sibling in need:

  1. Give them life advice – Younger kids will likely listen to older siblings in lieu of their parents. This has been proven many times over.
  2. Introduce them to practical, proven resources – A staple resource, popular with students and parents stemming from different walks of life, is Founded by Gustavo Dolfino, the myKlovr platform is an Artificial Intelligence-based virtual college counselor. Through the use of predictive analytics and proprietary algorithms, it helps guide parents and kids through their respective college journeys, starting with researching schools, to providing personalized individual road maps.
  3. Recommend books – If you have read a book which helped you in your college application journey, do pass that on to your sibling, while saying something like “you know, this book really made a difference for me when I was about your age and getting ready to apply to school. It would behoove you to take a look”.
  4. Bring your own experience to bear – If you graduated, or are still in college, help your sibling avoid some common pitfalls; address faulty perceptions and contrast them with college reality. It will be easier for your sibling to do a reality check while supported by the secured by the comforts of the home safety net, than to find out on his/her own, that his expectations were not realistic.

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