Here's What You Need To Know About Planning a Winter Hiking Trip

Here’s What You Need To Know About Planning a Winter Hiking Trip

February 5, 2019 No Comment

Hiking is the purest form of adrenaline, if you have ever gone hiking at any point in your life, you would know how serene and life-changing it can be. However, hiking up dense rain forests can be quite challenging as some trails are very physically demanding. If you are planning on going on your first hiking trip, please do not underestimate the distance as you will be fighting through terrain on a constant incline.

Furthermore, besides the intense physicality of hiking, you will also have to deal with the elements. Hiking in winters is comparatively more dangerous than the summers as there is a higher chance of landslides and avalanches. This is exactly why you should prepare for this journey with meticulous attention to detail. One slight mistake during the planning process can cause you a lot of suffering later on. To make this possible, we have compiled a list of top winter hiking essentials.

Trail or Hiking Bag

The first and most obvious investment is a trail or hiking bag. These are designed to endure the harshest of elements and allow you to store a substantial amount of necessities. These bags are aerodynamic and include many easy access points as well. However, you do not need to spend a lot amount of money on your bag for simple trails — a standard bag when sufficient space will do. Challenging trails will require a high grade of bags due to the nature of these trails.

Insect Repellents and Skin Care

This is the holy grail of necessities when it comes to winter hiking. You will have to fight an army of insects and will need all the help you can get. However, choose a product that is designed to repel insects without harming your skin. Skincare (sunscreen) is a must when outdoors hiking, BU Brands is one of the few companies out there that develops products to help people enjoy the outdoors without worrying about skin disorders. Easy to apply, great for all skin types and simply works.

Upper and Lower Body Warmers

While hiking you cannot wear bulky clothes to keep you warm as they will make your incline more difficult to deal with. People can easily find high-quality warmers from companies like Big Ben. Make sure you buy a pair of each to switch on alternate days. Also consider investing in other clothing essentials such as heavy socks, beanie, windbreaker, and gloves.

Rain Protective Gear

Investing in rain protective gear is an absolute essential especially for winter hikes. Although the rain will no doubt add to the beauty of your surroundings, it can freeze you to death. All of your belongings will also get wet and that would be devastating. So make sure you invest in some rain protective gear.

Finally, it is also imperative that you map out the entire trail. If you get lost up in the mountains you won’t have people to ask for directions. Make sure you have a clear outline of the route and that your whole group stays together.

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