How To Show Your Clients That You Care With Suitable Gifts

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Showering your clients with occasional gifts may just be one of the best business ideas out there. Your clients like being taken care of, and going the extra mile will guarantee you’ll work well together for a long time to come. Loyalty and good business relations are mandatory for any up and coming small business, so it’s not a bad idea to use every weapon you have in the arsenal.

1. Tea and coffee blends

Give your clients the gift of taste and watch them enjoy the quality tea and coffee blends you’ve created. We all like drinking one or the other, or even both, so this makes for an extremely useful and thoughtful gift. You can mix various coffee beans from different countries, or use different natural flavors in your tea blend.

Giving your customers a taste of the world will surely make you seem serious and professional, but also approachable and attentive. After all, it takes time to figure out the perfect blend and your clientele will savor the thought every time they make a cup of tea or coffee.

2. A note

If you want to keep things simple, it’s best, to be honest, and upfront with your clients. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to be remembered all year round- speaking from the heart will suffice. Take the time to write out a personal message to each of your clients. Tell them why you appreciate them and their business and let them know you’re always available to fix any product issues or to offer better service.

This note can be short and sweet or long and deep, but it’s important for the message to stay original and true. Everyone likes being remembered and appreciated, especially if it’s the holiday season. Your customers are bound to love the sentiment. Who knows, some of them might even keep it on their fridge to marvel at every time they pass by.

3. Calendars and agenda notebooks

One way to keep your clients organized and on track is to gift them agenda notebooks and calendars. This is a great and universal gift that all of your clients will enjoy. Even though it may seem like something traditional and boring, there’s still a lot of room for creativity. You can make your own firm calendar and fill it with images of your employees, or include uplifting quotes and company philosophy for each month.

As far as the agenda notebooks are concerned, no matter how much we rely on our phones, there’s still something charming and quaint about writing down what you have to do. The design on the notebook can be completely up to you. Opt for quirky and fun, inspirational, or stay completely professional. If you want to add a personal touch, you could write something to each client or print out their name on the notebook. A step further would be designing each notebook to suit the client, but this isn’t very practical if you’ve got a wide audience.

4. Gift baskets

Australian Gourmet Gift baskets are the surefire way to your client’s heart. They’re filled with practical and tasty delicacies, like red wine and chocolate, for example. This is a gift you can give to all of your clients or one you can modify according to the preferences of your customers. It’s also fairly universal and can be sent out for Christmas, birthdays, or just after closing a deal.

Another benefit is that it’s not too personal, making it ideal for new clients. In other words, it makes you look kind and considerate instead of like a pushover. Your customers are bound to enjoy everything they find in the basket, and always remember the gift they received, due to its superior quality.

5. Toiletry bags

Regardless of age and gender, we’re all in need of a toiletry bag. These cute and practical little bags keep everything we need safe in one place. That’s especially useful for traveling. This is why you might consider gifting your clients’ toiletry bags with your company logo on them. This way, they’ll always take your name wherever they go.

You can add sweet smelling soaps and bath salts to the bag and surprise your clients even further. They’re bound to enjoy that relaxing bath you’ve supplied them with as well as remember who gave them the gift of tranquillity.


As you can see, each gift is suited for a different kind of gift. Which one you choose depends on the person you’re sending it to as well as the occasion. Gifts are a great way to show your clients you appreciate them, to celebrate new business opportunities, or to just wish them happy holidays. Your clientele is bound to stick around and treat you with the same kindness.

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