Key Elements of Bathroom Design: Color, Texture and Quality

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No matter how big or small they are, bathrooms have always been our own personal sanctuaries. This is where we prepare for the day ahead of us, recuperate after a busy day at the office or relax before going to bed. That’s why bathrooms need to be pleasant, inviting, enjoyable and, most importantly, functional. And these are precisely the things you need to pay attention to when renovating them – only with a proper combination of colors, textures and quality will you create a comforting and welcoming space. So, if you’re preparing for this process, here are some of the key elements of bathroom design you need to take into consideration.


Check the structure

If you’re living in an old house or a place that hasn’t been renovated for a very long time, the chances are your walls, floors and ceilings aren’t as structurally sound as they should be. Therefore, before embarking on a journey towards a new bathroom, you need to check these elements. Luckily, this is something you can do on your own – inspecting whether your walls and wallpaper are crumbling and checking for hidden leaks isn’t that hard – so it won’t cost you a dime. Once you take care of this, you can be sure your bathroom is up to the structural standards and ready for renovations, redesigns and updates.


In the long run

If you’ve decided to give your bathroom a makeover and introduce a new design, try to think ahead and make projections and predictions for the future – will you move into a new home, are you planning children, how many people will use your bathroom and, finally, how many times do you plan to redesign it? Investing a bit more money, time and energy into modern bathroom renovations can bring wonderful results and, if you’re planning to use your bathroom for decades to come, make sure all your future efforts are planned and executed properly. Ultimately, this also means new fixtures, new furniture, new accessories and new decorations.


Introduce the light

Unfortunately, small apartments in residential buildings have small bathrooms and a number of people occupying them spend their entire lives without any natural light in their bathroom. So, when designing one, you need to make this right – a simple hole in one of your walls will certainly make a huge difference in your bathing and shaving experience. After that, you can go a step further and frost the glass on your windows or install some curtains in order to protect your privacy. If none of this is possible, come up with a unique lighting system that will keep you relaxed and your bathroom illuminated.

Pick the right wall colors

When designing your new bathroom, it’s essential to choose proper colors – yes, you can create an eclectic bathroom that will combine several design influences and portray a wide plethora of available tones, but opting for simplicity might make more sense. First, find the right wall color, making certain it relaxes you and makes your bathroom look fresh and clean. Most people go with beige, yellow, taupe or even white, while the others prefer different shades of grey, blue, green or red. No matter which option you select, keep in mind that it has to be tasteful, subtle and calming – only this way will you be able to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.


Pick the right tiles

Now, it’s time to choose the tiles so that they’re coordinated with the walls colors and enhancing their effect. Ceramic tiles are the best option you can choose because of the widest possible selection of colors and shades, and you can even pick a certain pattern that will make your bathroom much more interesting. If combined properly, new walls and tiles will not only look special and elegant, but also turn your bathroom into the focal point of your entire home and elevate the quality of your everyday life.


Other ideas

Some of the other ideas that might spring to your mind while considering bathroom design include wooden floors and countertops, various bathroom plants that will bring a dose of nature into your life and, finally, a huge freestanding bathtub that’s going to make your morning bathing extra special, and maybe a nice oriental rug.

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