Open-air Beauty: 6 Lovely Spots in Vancouver that You’ll Love!

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Vancouver is the city buried in verdure with wonderful natural landscapes. It is situated on the coast of the immense Pacific Ocean, impregnated with infinite freshness and clean air.

Despite being quite big, the city is very different from the other metropolises. In Vancouver, you won’t feel oppressed by glittering skyscrapers and cars. Besides, it will offer you a wide range of capturing activities. You will be surprised how amazingly the urban scenery combines with endless selection of outdoor activities. The way to them is truly an unforgettable adventure and if you would like to enjoy it at the full range, you might need to rent a car at rentalcars24h. Now let’s check out the places in Vancouver that will best of all provide you with a wonderful leisure time in the open air!

Stanley Park

Stanley Park @ Vancouver

This park is probably the most famous place in Vancouver for outdoor fun. It is considered to be an object of the sincere love of local people and a source of poetic inspiration. So, if you feel depressed of the city bustle this place provides all the conditions to overcome it.

The park itself is a rain forest area, which occupies 405 hectares. According to the locals, you can find there fir and cedar trees that are thousand years old. Some of them reach the height of 40 meters.

On the park’s territory you can not only see such funny animals like squirrels raccoons, but also to feed them. Besides, while wandering around the park you can enjoy breathtaking views at the sky-blue water, mighty mountains and gorgeous trees. For sure, you will never get bored there!


Sun Yat Sen Garden

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This unique Chinese garden is another incredible attraction of Vancouver. It was built within a year and a half at the initiative of the Sun Yat Sen company, which aims to support and strengthen the relationships between Chinese and Western culture.

Chinese garden is divided into two parts: the park and garden. Both parts represent the elements of traditional Chinese architecture: magnificent bridges, pavilions and facilities that are unusual for the Europeans.

In this truly peaceful place the architecture is skillfully combined with rich flora that creates the perfect conditions for relaxation and meditation. No matter if it’s shining or raining – at this garden, with its tiny paths and amazing views, you will find a true appeasement.


Whistler Ski Resort

Peak 2 Peak Tram

This famous Canadian resort is located within a few hours’ drive from Vancouver, close to the Pacific coast. It’s built at the foot of Whistler Mountain. Here the lovers of outdoor activities are offered 1,500m ski slopes and modern aerial lifts. The most famous of the lifts is called Peak to Peak. 11 minutes ride in a gondola will remind you a flight in a balloon – you will smoothly take off to the sky. So, a storm of emotions is guaranteed!

In addition, Whistler offers golf courses, spa, nightclubs and restaurants to suit any taste. You will get a real pleasure from spending the vacation there!


Capilano Suspension Bridge Park


Large Suspension Bridge crossing the Capilano River

This amazing park is located within a short distance from Vancouver downtown. It occupies the area of over 10 hectares, combining beautiful scenery, historical and cultural sights and fascinating adventures for tourists.

Here you can take a walk by the bridge at the height of 70 meters. Just imagine: you are surrounded by hundreds of trees and breathing the fresh air in, and when you look downward you see a deep abyss…

Another way to have fun in the park is to go for the Treetops Adventure. This entertainment represents a system of wooden bridges, stretched between the tops of the huge trees. Seven bridges are interconnecting the fir trees of two hundred meters in height. The entertainment will make you feel like a squirrel getting from one tree to another at the height of around thirty meters over the ground.


Queen Elizabeth Park

Vancouver from Queen Elizabeth Park

This gorgeous park is located at the highest peak of Vancouver, from which a wonderful view to the whole city appears. There you will find various kinds of trees and flora, and each flower lawn changes its appearance four times a year, depending on the season.

In this place you will be hypnotized by natural beauty, elegant sculptures charming fountains. If you like sports, you may come here to play tennis and other games with your family or friends.


Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Lake

Harrison Hot Springs is a small town surrounded by the mountains, the ocean and the forest, just in one hour and half drive from Vancouver. The main, but not the only attraction here, is natural hot springs the name of which is accordant to the city name. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy the lake views: in the evening the views are particularly spectacular and peaceful. The lovers of an active leisure time can go boating, fishing, hiking, and golfing – for sure, you will not get bored there!

As you see, there are really lots of fantastic outdoor places in Vancouver suitable for sports fans, those who love picnicking and just for curious travelers. Whatever you came there for, Vancouver can provide you with unforgettable moments at any time of the year!

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