Secrets of A Great Resume (Backed by Psychology)

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We all know we need a resume to get us hired and some of us know the differences between resume formats, but what 99% of people don’t realize is the psychology behind what makes an amazing resume.


The Psychology Behind Writing A Great Resume



The difference between getting hired anywhere and landing your choice career boils down to whether you can write a captivating resume. Follow these pro resume tips and get the job you want!


Quantifiable Results


Anybody can use blanket statements like ‘superior customer service,’ but that proves nothing except that you’ve researched resume skills. Where’s the proof? A persuasive argument is proven by facts and indisputable evidence. Using quantifiable proof will set you apart.


Example: Photographed 2.2 million dollar wedding featured in prominent wedding magazines, garnering 5,769 shares, 9,690 likes and over 17,907 page views.


Specify Your Interests


Part of the construct of a resume is including interests as a way to give your employer a snippet of who you are and whether you’ll fit into the company climate. The only problem, nobody has ever told you that writing these vague “I like movies…and stuff” actually says nothing about your interests. Rather, what you want to do is discuss specific movies, comic books or sports you’re into because one of the recruiters may look over your interests and bond with you over your shared interest for an immediate in!


Example: Pug fanatic, volunteering at animal shelters, snowshoeing and ethical coffee addict.   




Okay, you won an award or achieved some tremendous feat – awesome, congrats! Sure that’s brag-worthy but to really demonstrate your achievement, display why it’s such an honour by discussing the steep competition you were up against. Plus, if the recruiter hasn’t heard of your award then by showing how many people vied for it, you’re filling in why it was such an accomplishment.


Example: Won 1st place in the National Under 19 Writing Contest (1,800 submissions).


Employee Feedback


Got a connection in the place you want to work at, great, if not make any contact. You don’t need to be best friends, all you’re after is finding someone you can converse with, like a hiring manager. Ask them to look over your resume and provide feedback. They know their company and may offer keywords or internal jargon that will help your resume get noticed. Unintentionally, your new contact – if they like what they see – may even pass along your resume. Small favours like glancing over your application, are your in and could lead to bigger things.


Name Drop Big Brands


Build credibility and authority by proving you worked for recognizable brands. Nothing is more impressive than working for a fortune 500 company or if your work was featured in a major publication.


Example: Photographs featured in National Geographic (6 times) in 3 years.




Continuously drive home your point throughout your resume. The Rule of Seven suggests that it takes seven mentions before a customer responds. So use seven keywords that are recognized and used by the company you’re applying too to market yourself.


The Psychology of Resume Writing



Psyche out your competition by pumping out an impressive resume using these tips and get the job you deserve!


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