What Do Cardiothoracic Surgeons Help With

What Do Cardiothoracic Surgeons Help With?

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In the medical field, every surgeon and doctor can make a huge difference in the field. Their research, services and more help them to contribute more to the field of health care and life sciences. Among them, cardiothoracic surgeons such as Saverio La Francesca are being recognized for their use of biotechnology to enhance the quality of medical health services and the kind of care that patients can get.

Saverio La Francesca is also the former president of Biostage Inc, a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of implants for patients suffering from esophagus, lungs and trachea. Saverio La Francesca is also the CEO of Orgagen, a biotech devoted to regenerative medicine. With La Francesca at the helm, Orgagen aims to advancements which can profoundly change the medical landscape but also redefines all that a cardiothoracic surgeon can do for their patients.

Among them, the following are some things that patients can expect from their cardiothoracic surgeon.

Can Address Various Issues

When it comes to conditions of the heart, lungs and trachea, many people don’t understand that they can be insidious and lead to irreversible failure of the organs involved. With the help of the right surgeons, you can understand your condition and also be aware of the issues you might face. Proper medical attention at the proper time is given which can highly improve the chances of a complete recovery.

Help Raise Awareness

Awareness of some heart and lung conditions is important as many people are not aware of the factors which place them more at risk. As cardiothoracic surgeons like Saverio La Francesca spend more time spreading knowledge around various diseases, patients become more conscious around healthier lifestyles and new treatments options.

Determine Eligibility for a Transplant

Transplants are necessary should one lose complete or all function of their organs. In many cases, it can be hard to know just when you should get a transplant but cardiothoracic surgeons can shed more light here. Their insight is important since they deal with organs such as the lungs, and the heart. These are the most vital and delicate areas of the body and getting a transplant for organs in this area can be more delicate and require more attention.

Development of Bioartificial Implants

There has always been a recognized shortage of organs available for transplants. Moreover some organs like the trachea and the esophagus cannot be transplanted for technical reasons. So, clearly, there is an unmet need for living tissue or organs. Saverio La Francesca’s work has proven valuable in this area as he is the former President of a publicly traded biotechnology company and has now started a new biotechnology start-up with the mission of inducing the patients’ own organ regeneration It is hoped that with his expertise and expertise of others like him, more advancements are being made which can enhance the development of bioartificial implants.

With the help of such skilled cardiothoracic surgeons, it is possible for you to have new cutting-edge therapeutic options for dealing with wide array of conditions.

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