What Is Telehealth?

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Technology assists us in various ways everyday. The Internet can help us shop without travelling to the mall, research without driving to the library, and even gain a wealth of healthcare information without a visit to the hospital.

This is where the notion of Telehealth comes in. Telehealth implies the delivery of healthcare services through the medium of digital and communication technologies. This allows for medical practitioners to provide advice, monitoring and medical care even for long distance patients. However, Telehealth isn’t solely limited to patient and doctor contact. Digital mediums are also employed for videoconferences and presentations between practitioners, the transfer of medical data between hospitals and many other online functions designed to simplify and augment practices in the medical realm.

Monitoring Your Health At Home

Along with the many other applications of Telehealth, monitoring your health at home is one of the greatest benefits achieved through this method of healthcare delivery. Today, people can easily log and monitor their food diaries, browse workouts customised to their body and store and analyse daily weight and blood pressure data all through a simple phone app. This function of Telehealth is highly beneficial for diabetic patients who can regularly track and upload their blood sugar levels online where this data can be examined by medical professionals.

Medical Advice and Virtual Examinations

Do you spend hours on the phone trying to get an appointment with your GP only to be told there’s nothing available for weeks? Do you fear the long commute to the closest hospital when you’re feeling under the weather? Do you find yourself shelving out hundreds of dollars for an appointment with your therapist? If you experience any of these dilemmas, Telehealth can be the answer for you. Today, you can score an appointment with a doctor or nurse in minutes and for a fraction of the cost if you choose to have you consultation online via video conferencing. These video appointments are ideal for minor medical infections and general health queries.

Looking after your mental health is also incredibly vital in today’s world but can often turn out to be costly. However, you can save a ton of time and money by finding an online therapist and achieve the same benefits of counselling through the medium of video conferencing or messaging. Applications like BetterHelp allow customers to easily connect with a range of therapists after answering a few simple questions. These applications and websites also allow for customers to contact their therapists outside office hours and therefore are ideal for emergency situations.

You can download the app on https://www.betterhelp.com/therapists/

Online Communication

Telehealth not only helps patients, but also aids in communication between hospitals and doctors. You GP can simply send over your health records to a specialist you plan on seeing, or your radiology clinic can email your X-ray and reports to your doctor effortlessly. The interference of technology in this context allows for medical communication to flow seamlessly between clinics, saving patients time and effort.

Much like other forms of technology, Telehealth greatly benefits individuals in saving time and money to monitor and examine certain medical dilemmas. With the ever growing technology, we can’t wait to see what future applications of Telehealth are yet to come to market.

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