Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

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Whether you’re rocking sunnies or donning your prescription eyeglasses, eyewear can add next-level style to your look. All you need to do is slip them on, and you can go from unassuming to jaw-dropping, or demure to totally badass. That’s the power of a well-crafted frame. All you have to do is know how to wield it.

There are different types of eyewear that will convey different vibes to the people who see you, so if you want to make sure you’re sending the right message, read on. Here’s what you need to know about eyewear, and what it says about your style.

  1. Aviators

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Every woman needs a killer confident pair of aviator shades. These super cool sunnies emit nothing but self-assuredness and let people know you know exactly where you stand. This said, they are also vintage chill, so they also speak to an approachability; they aren’t as intimidating as some big framed shades.

  1. Cat Eye

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Of course, cat eye makes the list. Whether you are sporting your optical glasses or sunglasses, a cat eye frame exudes chic, playful sophistication. When you wear this frame, you’re channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn and letting the world know you’re fun, but also, studious and smart.

  1. Oversized Frame

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

The oversized frame was made to keep your vibe a bit more mysterious. Because they cover more of your face, they’re perfect for those days when you want to keep the world at bay. Maybe you had a late night; maybe you’ve just stepped off a 14 hour flight; maybe you’re super stressed and just want the population in general to keep their distance. Or maybe, you want to look artfully vague. Whatever the reason, these are the frames for you.

  1. The Round Frame

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Made famous by John Lennon, round frame glasses are endlessly trendy and cool. This frame works super well with boho street style, and lets people know you are fun and contentious at the same time. If you’re going for a round frame in sunglasses, have fun with the lens colours! Pink, blue, yellow or green, you can really embrace your inner hippie with these frames.

  1. Rectangle Frame

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

The rectangle style is incredibly edgy  — pun intended. This is the frame you’re going to wear when you want to show that you are ahead of the game; that you are up for the challenge. Rectangle glasses look particularly good on women with rounder faces since it sets off the shape of their face without making it seem more round.

  1. Sports Frames

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Sports eyewear is both fun and functional. It looks sleek and incredibly cool, but it can also withstand a beating and protect your eyes. So, if you get hit in the face with a volleyball, or wipe out sliding into second, no big deal: these frames are made out of robust, durable and flexible plastic or polycarbonate.

Even when you’re not actually sweating it out, sports frames can look amazing as part of your athleisure ensemble.

  1. Square Frames

Different Eye Wear Styles Trendy Women Need

Finally, let’s talk about square frames. This style looks great on just about any face shape, and the frame is not actually strictly square. It tends to taper slightly, so the top is wider than the bottom. The square frame shape is perhaps the most universally loved style of eyewear. As already mentioned, it looks good on the most faces. What’s more, it can wear wonderfully with super casual wear or an incredibly dressy outfit. It all comes down to the classic shape and style.

While you don’t need all these kinds of frames, you certainly won’t go amiss if you have them ready to go. Having a range of different eyewear styles will ensure you always have the perfect accessory for your face for any occasion or any mood.

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