How to Wear Bold Prints Like a Fashion Pro

June 28, 2018 No Comment

Sporting a pattern is a powerful way to showcase your own, personal sense of style. However, it’s easy to let prints and patterns intimidate us out of wearing them: and you should never deny yourself an amazing print! Whether it’s a sprawling floral, a cheeky checker, a thought-provoking retro abstract or playful polkadot, prints can turn an otherwise bland ensemble into a thing of beauty.


Read on to find out how to rock a print with confidence and style.


Blazer Bliss


Here’s one of the most eye-catching ways to wear a print: don a printed blazer! This is a statement piece you can wear with shorts, a pair of jeans, a skirt, leggings or over a dress. A print blazer can add both structure and style to even the most basic outfit, and is a super easy way to make effortless fashion look amazing.


Scarf it Up!


If you’re super scared to put on a print, but want to give it a try, go for a scarf. Scarves allow us to try out colours and prints we aren’t sure about — or that might be overwhelming in larger doses — on a smaller scale. So, if you love a bold, geometric print positively popping with colour and you like it, but aren’t sure you can feel comfortable pulling it off, take it for a test run in a scarf.


Patterned Mini Dress

A woman in a floral dress kneeling in a meadow and holding a stalk with white flowers


If your dress range begins and ends with the LBD, your fashion life needs a major lift. One of the best ways to do this is to slip into a patterned mini dress. Because the pattern is has limited real estate on your body, it’s less likely to feel overwhelming. If you’re new to print, opt for a lovely floral dress: this is classic, and the more whimsical and elegant nature of floral makes it hard to go wrong.


Printed Shoes


Patterned shoes are definitely in, and they are one of the most overlooked but absolutely stunning ways to integrate bold pattern into your style life. A pair of tartan heels is an autumn must-have, or a pair of leopard print knee-high boots. Bold, to be sure, but this fancy footwear can be the showpiece when you’re wearing a monotone outfit.

The key with bold prints is to make sure you are wearing them, not letting them wear you. The easiest and most striking way to do this is to break up the pattern with skin or solid colour. All of these tips let you do just that, so get ready to go bold, or go home!


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