Things Around Your House That Could Make You Sick

Things Around Your House That Could Make You Sick

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Your house is your safe haven and you should make every possible effort to ensure that everything is spick and span. Maintaining the hygiene of your home does not only encompass the aesthetic appeal of the house but also goes on to include the mental health of the individual, along with ensuring that they are not prone to any health problem as such.

What might appear clean on the face of it, might not necessarily be devoid of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Some of the most common illnesses and diseases have been found to be linked to the accumulation of bacteria on certain household items around your house. Hence, it is highly important to identify these potential parasitic areas and take the necessary precautionary measure to combat the illness, before it attacks you.

Here are some of the things you should be on the constant lookout for:

Unclean Bed Sheets

Undoubtedly, one of the favorite most spot in the house, for the majority of us, is usually the bed. The one place where we let go off all our worries and unwind to get up fresh the next day. However, did you make your bed when you woke up? Did you ensure that the sheets were not dirty? If you do not regularly do that, chances are that you bed might be infested with bed bugs. (You might want to stay alert about these 5 common pests and how to get rid of them)

Studies have shown that an average human being sheds half an ounce of dead skin on a weekly basis. This dead skin serves as a fine breeding ground for dust mites which can lead to skin irritations, allergies and skin eczemas. To safeguard yourself and your family from these creepy crawlies, domestic cleaning services could be an option worth considering.

Refrigerators Need Cleaning Too

Many food-borne illnesses originate from the leftovers in the fridge, the most common one being food poisoning. The damp and moist areas in the fridge are ideal places for bacterial growth, which is why it is recommended to routinely clean out the fridge and opt for a deep cleaning, once in a month. Those little nooks and corners need to be thoroughly disinfected with warm water and baking soda.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence before the unpleasant effects of these bacteria get to you, do not only dispose of the leftovers timely but also clean the fridge doors and shelves. Wash any fruits and vegetables that you have stored in the lower compartment of your fridge, before using.

Dirty Plates Signal Warning Too

Do you often have a sink full of unwashed dishes? Is that pile of dishes too overwhelming to get rid of? Before you delay this task any further, be aware of the consequence as dirty dishes are capable of congregating bacteria at the speed of light. Washing dishes after a scrumptious dinner is the last thing you would want to do, but keeping those dishes unwashed all night is equivalent to inviting food-borne illnesses, that can make you severely ill.

Hidden Patches of Mold

As we are all aware of sneaky mold matches in places you least expect to find them in, it is important to timely locate them and get rid of them. They may be lurking in damp areas of your house from your basement to your shower head. Mold usually starts building up in the absence of proper ventilation, which is why it is really important to keep these places aerated and well-lit. This is because the concealed patches of mold can lead to nasal congestion, headaches and nausea.

It is recommended to use detergent and water to properly scrub off mold from grimy surfaces. Furthermore, professional domestic and commercial cleaning services ensure that all the nooks and crannies of the house capable of developing mold are thoroughly disinfected. So signing up for their services every few months is essential to protecting the health of you and your family.

The List Doesn’t End Here

Other things around the house that could pose a serious threat to your health include:

  • Your old vacuum cleaner: Although an equipment used to maintain cleanliness, this staple cleaning tool could be the culprit in spreading dust, bacteria and other allergies in the air. Be it self-cleaning methods or a professional one, you might want to make sure the carpet cleaning method is safe for babies.
  • Did you know? Even your household cleaning products could be harboring potential harmful bacteria.
  • This wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Your pet’s fur is made of microscopic pieces of dead skin. So the next time your adorable cat is pouncing around the furniture, carpets or fabrics, you might want to restrict its movement.
  • Your bath-mat hasn’t failed to make it to the list too. Trapping moisture it facilitates the growth of mold and harmful bacteria.

So the next time you’re cleaning around the house or have hired a professional service to do so, make sure they target these notorious spots to safeguard your health.

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