The Evolution of NASCAR Racing

The Evolution of NASCAR Racing

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We have all been able to see what the NASCAR races are, in a movie or otherwise. With inflated cars called stock vehicles, they take place on relatively simple circuits that allow riders to reach amazingly impressive speeds. These races are extremely dangerous because the contact between vehicles is allowed and is also an integral part of the sport. This gives rise to nervous and sometimes violent races.

Now, let’s talk about the history of NASCAR races.


The history of NASCAR racing goes back to the American prohibition (1919 – 1933) during which it was forbidden to manufacture, transport and sell alcoholic beverages. At the time, the “runners”, smugglers in cars, illegally transported alcohol across the country. Hunted by federal agents, they had to find ways to escape them at all costs. So they tinkered with their vehicles so they could sow the pursuers and save their precious cargo. These cars were called “Stock cars”.


Over the years, stock car drivers organize and set up events to compare their skills as drivers and mechanics. The leader of this movement, Big Bill France, organized in 1947 the first gathering in Daytona Beach, California. This meeting will help to institutionalize the first rules of racing: this is the birth of Nazca Racing. Two months later, the first NASCAR race takes place around Daytona Beach. She is won by Red Byron at the wheel of a Ford.

As car races are among the most popular events in the United States, especially in the south and mid-west. They have been the scene of dramatic accidents and legendary actions, such as the famous crash of Richard Petty and David Pearson at the Daytona 500 in 1976.


The retirement of the old-timers is symbolized by the departure of Richard Petty in 1992, and opened the door for a whole new generation of pilots in NASCAR.

Ford has made many models to participate in NASCAR races, and we can also mention the Gran Torino or the Mustang, which are all legendary examples of American excellence in the world of racing. The production of small series specially designed to run on NASCAR circuit is not received positively by the Federation. Today, most of the cars that run on the NASCAR circuit are also commercially available. However, as the NASCAR history indicates, they are heavily modified.

Now, drivers such as Armani Rade’ Williams are looking to change up the game. Armani Williams is a promising star in the world of NASCAR, and at just 18 years of age, has risen to the top of ranks to become one of the most prolific drivers in the Federation. He is NASCAR’s first autistic driver who declared his autism publicly and has won a number of races with ARCA trucks as well as with performances in NASCAR Canada. It’s been a busy year or Armani, especially considering the number of wins that he has amassed in the previous year.

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