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Tips For Training In Winter

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The winter is creeping in! How to get out of the bed and stay in shape?

Don’t we just love cold mornings tucked away cozily inside warm blankets? So how to stay fit and burn daily calories? Chuck the boring gym! Instead, swap it with cool outdoor sports.

Lined up are some thrilling winter training tips! Check them out to flatten the belly while enjoying the winter!

  1. Skiing

Tips For Training In Winter

A super exciting way to maintain your curves in winter is skiing. Sliding through the snowy mountain gives a thrilling experience. Race down with friends or family members to add more kick to it.

  • Benefits: This is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It also helps in strengthening lower body muscle.
  • Work-out Tip: Climb up the hill and enjoy the ride down while your body sheds the excess fat.
  • What to Wear: Choose snowmobile goggles of good quality. Get some ski jackets, helmets and ski trousers which don’t get went in the snow. 
  1. Ice-skating:

 Tips For Training In Winter

A fabulous way to work-out! Additionally, plan it with your beloved and spend some romantic time! Save bucks by opting for ice-skating areas which are free to use.

  • Benefits: Helps in toning down and strengthening the leg muscles
  • Work-out Tip: Skating fast and backward movements are superb tricks to work-out your muscles
  • What to Wear: Base layer, gloves, woolen cap, and sweater/jacket and tights. You may need ice-skating shoes too if the area doesn’t provide them.
  1. Snowshoeing

Tips For Training In Winter

If you love taking long walks snowshoeing is the perfect way to go. Walking is snow needs more effort than normal walks. Therefore, you burn more calories even if you cover a shorter distance.

  • Benefits: It offers a complete cardio exercise along with making you stronger. It also enhances balance & stamina.
  • Work-out tip: Mark out a distance beforehand. Increase the distance every 4-6 days. Avoid deep snowy paths.
  • What to wear: Snowshoes, a set of adjustable poles, suitable cloths & right footwear. Leather hiking boots are a great pick!
  1. Underwater Fishing

 One of the coolest sports for all those who enjoy swimming and fishing. Reward fishes are an added advantage.

  • Benefits: It works out all the muscles in the body just like swimming.
  • Tip: To stay at one place underwater carry a bag filled with stones. It helps in fishing easily by staying put at one spot
  • What to Wear: You will need scuba diving gear and fishing accessorie
  1. Snowboarding

Tips For Training In Winter

Pretty much similar to skateboarding, snowboarding is simply done in snow adding to the fun.

  • Benefits: It aids to work-out the vital muscles as well as the minor muscles in the ankle and feet.
  • Work-out tip: Practicing some routine sit-up and crunches in the summer will strengthen the core and help extensively while snowboarding
  • What to wear: The outfit and gear is same as skiing, except that you will need a snowboard and boot for snowboarding
  1. Run

If you are looking for something simple, just step out and run. You can do it anywhere, whether at home, or out on a holiday. 1 hour of running will activate your lazy muscles and pump your spirits for the entire day.

  • Benefits: Keeps a happy mood and helps curb winter fat gain.
  • Work-out tip: Drink enough water before starting to run, while running and after finishing for best results.
  • What to wear: Base layer, running tights, jacket, wind resistant pants, face mask, cap, gloves and appropriate shoes.

Simple Diet Formula to Boost Winter Fitness

  • Maintain your water intake. Since we hardly feel thirsty during cold weather, remind yourself to drink H2o religiously.
  • All the winter fruits you find in the market are great! Apples, oranges & pomegranates are some examples. They contain the essential vitamins your body requires during the winter. So include them in your diet.
  • Root vegetables are important to stay healthy through the winter season. Incorporate them in your diet as salads, sandwiches or soups as per your preference.

To stay positive during winter, our body needs exposure to sunlight every day. Outdoor exercise, running and sports are best ways to get that during cold winter days.

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