6 Unique Wedding Dress Trends to Follow This Year

March 18, 2018 No Comment

Trends change all the time but one trend that stayed the same over the years was wedding dress. However, that has changed now. In the new year, there are several unique trends that took over the runway. Instead of small and feminine designs, big and bold patterns are now in vogue.These trends are favorable in many ways. Not only they are super fashionable but it is also easier for weddingdresspreserver.com to clean them. According to the fashion experts, these trends will rule this year and the future as well. If you are getting married anytime soon, then consider the following designs for your wedding dress that will set you apart from all brides.

Graphic and Bold Lace

In the past, the wedding dresses were all about delicate lace and intricate designs but now, the trend is total opposite. On bridal runways, many models were spotted wearing bold and graphic lace wedding dresses. If you are planning for your wedding gown, try going for big and bold lace patterns.This trend is modern and fits the contemporary fashion but at the same time, it is feminine as well.

Sheer Lattice

See-through and sheer lattice was always popular but new trends has taken it to another level with ultra-modern convertibles and illusion necklines. This year choose a wedding dress with netting and basket weave style effect for a unique outlook. The geometric netting will give you a bold and trendy appearance and it is perfect for brides who want to look completely different on their wedding day.

Big and Bold Embroidery

The new years wedding dress trends are all about bold. With delicate lace, it is time to ditch the classic and intricately carved embroidery as well. Instead of floral lace, geometric embroidery has taken over the trends. You will see a lot of big and bold patterns in wedding dress in the upcoming future.

Sharp Colors

White wedding dresses are out of fashions and bold colors have taken their places. Pastels and blush have become popular in recent years but according to the latest trends, sharp colors will soon dominate. A lot of designer had incorporated hot pink, bright blue and pistachio green in their bridal collections. You can go for a red wedding dress if you are feeling exceptionally daring as well.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are fashionable no matter what season or occasion and this tend has also found its way to the wedding dress section as well. Crop tops are the new thing in wedding gowns. For an ultra chic look, try cropped bustier on your wedding day and if you are not yet ready to embrace this trend, try pairing boxy top with high waist skirt.

Lacey Rompers

Another trend to look forward to this year is the lacey rompers. Now all the brides can wear super short lacey rompers they had all wanted to wear. If you are getting married this summer, go for intricate, floral and small lacey rompers for a bold outlook. White and pastel rompers are more suitable instead of sharp colors in this case.

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