Unisex Styles that Will be a Hit this Winter

February 17, 2019 No Comment

Winter is fast approaching so wrapping up in layers and wearing some new styles makes this the best season for your personality to be shown through your clothing choices. You might not notice it, but some styles work well enough for everyone to get involved and this has created some unisex trends that you can keep up with. From trainer styles to oversized tops, here are some styles to try regardless of gender.


Vintage Jumpers

Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s are reintroducing oversized sweaters with retro designs printed on them. A simple style that works well for both genders and is a perfect winter layer. Matching an oversized jumper with skinny jeans, a denim jacket and finished with a silver chain belt offers a modern winter style that can be worn daily and wearing a longline t-shirt as a base layer highlights the sweater. It’s a style you might not even need to shop for as it could already be in your wardrobe, or if you wanted to really stick with the vintage style, grabbing a bargain at a charity or retro shop will make the sweater much more affordable.


Workwear Boots

For many years, Timberland has been the go-to choice when it comes to winter boots, but a lot of other brands have been releasing similar styles which have slightly altered the trend this year. Workwear brands such as Caterpillar and Dickies offer a collection of work boots that are going to be a hit in the winter, in an assortment of darker colours and tan, the style will be seen with jeans and works as a casual style.


Trucker Caps

Dad caps have been a highlighted trend over the summer, but a lot of designers are showing their first choice will be changed into the trucker cap, which looks more modern. Again, to make this style different from dad caps, the hats have left the low-key traditional style and now show big bold designs to define any streetwear look.


Street Tees

Fitted, oversized and even regular fit tops in the streetwear scene are becoming gender neutral regardless of the designer used. For streetwear specifically, unisex clothing is as easy as making tops suitable for both genders as the branding displayed doesn’t tend to differ from them. Matching tops up with oversized jackets and cropped or regular trousers make a real statement.



Since the 1960’s gender neutral clothes have been an option for everyone, but it’s only been in recent years were designers have been releasing more and more choices when it comes to the style. The key is to pick out simple bold garments that you think both genders could pull off, and mix it up with your own wardrobe or add men or ladies designer belts to complete the style.

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