Top 5 Brands to Look Out for in 2019

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Different styles are making a big impact for 2019, the more casual streetwear and athleisure concepts are taking over with a comfortable but defining look being their key selling point. But which brands are people buying and what best suits your style? This is the top 5 brands to look out for and what makes them different from the rest.



A brand designed for the gym but their clothing has made them a desired casual look also. Tracksmith offers gym wear that is a relaxed fit, focusing more on the comfort and authentic athlete look rather than tech fit neon colours. Tracksmith wants to release the amateur spirit of their shoppers and use a 1970’s look for their garments. This athleisure company is becoming a big hit in the US and it’s making its way to other counties, it’s a premium brand seen through the price but the quality and effectiveness of the clothing make it work the price.


Horizon Athletic

A sustainable women’s activewear designer that offers a comfortable alternative to the major brands. Specialising in swimwear women’s leggings and gym crop tops, Horizon Athletic offer an array of clothing for both leisure and sports training. Their collection uses recycled plastic from the ocean to create designs that are changing the planet. Visit MaidThis.



Provision & Co is a unique style of clothing to look out for, their style is inspired by motorcycle clothing and it’s something they’ve executed perfectly. The t-shirts and jackets they have created have self-designed graphics on them to emphasize the streetwear culture, P&Co offer all kinds of accessories to enhance the look and shows that it’s a premium brand to buy that isn’t just printing t-shirts.


Vision Streetwear

An old-school skater brand that is returning to the streets, Vision provides alternative clothing for those wanting to stand out. Founded in 1976 in the USA Vision street has been providing high-quality heavy clothing for a long time, recently their collection has expanded and the brand can be found in a variety of different stores. Their branding is big and the colours they have chosen are intentionally daring and offset from the normal.



A workwear brand that has been around for many years, their workwear style is being a street trend with caps, beanies and oversized hoodies being key choices. Dickies are aware of the trends and offer fashion clothing and workwear to creative divide for what customers are needing. Commonly the branding is big and well defined on their clothing which works best for the streetwear style.


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