Dressing For a Celebration

Dressing For a Celebration

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You’ve been invited to a happy occasion such as a wedding or graduation party. Once you RSVP yes, you need to figure out what you’re going to wear. Fashion norms have changed a lot in modern times, and the meaning of what’s “appropriate” can change tremendously depending on where you are and whom you’re with. To use a  much more somber example, some funerals are quiet occasions where everyone is expected to wear dark colors, while other funerals encourage people to wear bright colors in honor of the deceased. You have to do your research.

What to Wear to a Wedding

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, you know one thing. You cannot wear white. It doesn’t matter how much you like your little white dress; it’s just not something that’s considered acceptable at 99.9 percent of weddings.

Perhaps you’re attending a wedding where the couple specifically asks guests to wear white, but that’s rare. The theme will be clearly indicated on invitations or the wedding website. You have many options for wedding attire that makes you feel good without drawing attention from the bride.

You can make florals work for almost every season. But keep in mind that brighter is usually better in spring and summer, and a more muted look works for autumn and winter. Attending an outdoor wedding in June? Your first priority should be not fainting in the heat. But an indoor wedding in October is an ideal time to shop for long maxi dresses that are stylish as well as comfortable. Don’t discount how important comfort is, especially if a lengthy religious ceremony is planned. Also, if you’re attending a church wedding, it’s always better to dress a little more conservatively. Be careful not to come across as disrespectful to someone’s religion.

What to Wear To a Graduation Party

The good news about graduation parties is that you can’t upstage the graduate by showing up in a cap and gown. Unlike white dresses, cap and gowns aren’t considered normal party wear. Even if you attend a party that’s held right after commencement ceremonies, the graduate will have plenty of time to change into something less stuffy and academic.

Before you decide what to wear, make sure you know what kind of graduation party you’re attending. A party for someone who just graduated from law school will likely be more formal than a bash for a nurse who just completed an RN to BSN degree program, but it’s not a guarantee. An outdoor party centered around grilling burgers and hot dogs is almost always going to be more casual than an indoor dinner party with five courses. A casual blouse and short skirt would be appropriate for the former, while a tea-length dress would be a good outfit for the latter.

If you aren’t sure what to wear, feel free to talk to the hosts. Graduation parties can be elaborate, but they usually aren’t nearly as time-consuming to plan as a wedding, so the hosts should have more time to answer questions about the dress code. Chances are you can wear almost anything as long as you don’t show up and start asking questions about the graduate’s student loan debt.

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