How to Design a Polo Shirt for Your Company’s Tournament?

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In the world of business, everything is expected to be professional. There should be a professional website. There should be a professional office décor. There should be professional policies in place. So, when there is a professional tournament, why should not there be professional polo shirts with the company’s logo?

Just like company tournaments, company tees are a long-standing tradition and can be traced back to 1950s Miami. During that time, resorts experimented with advertising logos on shirts, including Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney.

Still practical today, company shirts offer lots of benefits to both small and large organizations.

  1. It creates a good brand impression.
  2. It connects colleagues and peers.
  3. It develops team spirit among the employees.
  4. It makes for a coordinated sports uniform.

And there are many more reasons.

When it comes to finding the right polo shirt for your company’s tournament, going retail or even wholesale just won’t do. Today, thanks to manufacturers like Zapkam, you can easily design your own polo shirts using a free online 3D Kit Designer.

The best part about using a 3D Kit Designer, like the one offered by Zapkam, is that you can choose almost any color under the sky. Plus, you can easily add your company’s logo on the shirts. Even your sponsor’s logos could be added if you have one.

So, how to design your own polo shirts for your company’s tournament?

Well, the answer is simple.

  • Find a manufacturer who offers a free online 3D Kit Designer.
  • Visit its site.
  • Browse the designs and styles on offer.
  • Select a style of your choice.
  • Add colors to the style using the 3D Kit Designer.
  • Add your company’s logo.
  • Add your sponsor’s logo.
  • Add your team member’s names, initials or numbers.
  • Select the size/s.
  • Place the order.

It is this simple.

While we are at it, we must advise you with a couple action points.

It is likely you would be bounded by budget. If that’s the case, you must call and check with your manufacturer of choice about the price per piece, and if there are any discounts for bulk orders.

Sizes provided by each manufacturer may vary. So, as a precaution, call for a sample. Manufacturers like Zapkam enable you to order size samples. They deliver it at your doorstep for you to try the sizes.

There are two options for having your logo fixed on your custom polo shirt. One is to have it printed, which comes with its own set of pros and cons. The other is to have it embroidered. Again, there are pros and cons attached to it. We advise you to look at all the details of both the options and then pick one.

Finally, most manufacturers do not accept returns of orders previously delivered. Therefore, ensure your design is the one you wish to proceed with. In any case, you can create as many 3D mockups as you want. So, use this feature to your advantage and try different color schemes and logo placements before hitting ‘Place Order’.

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