How to Rock a Slit Skirt or Dress

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We have Angelina Jolie to thank for bringing sexy slit skirts back! All it took was a trip down the red carpet in a killer black Atelier Versace dress, sending her right leg viral and the rest of us into instant dress envy. Wearing dresses with strategically placed slits is not a new thing, it’s very reminiscent of Old Hollywood glam. Not to mention, it’s very fashionable.

But fashion has come a long way since then, so how can you rock a slit skirt, dress or pant without looking like you’re ready for the Oscars?

How to casually wear a slit dress

Tone it down with a small slit: The sky-high slit is better left to the celebrities or for formalwear. So keep it small, it’s more flattering that way with just a hint of sexy.

Hosiery or in the buff: It boils down to a matter of preference whether you’re comfortable rocking a side-slash in tights or keeping it bare legged. Patterned, sheer black or fishnet stockings can really add some glam to your outfit – plus they’re on-trend – so match your hosiery, or lack thereof, to the occasion.

Hide the hosiery: Before you leave the house to strut your stuff, make sure any Spanx or pantyhose are not visible while you walk, sit or hit the dancefloor. There’s no need to publicize what lies beneath (unless it’s by design).

Break up the length: Every gal loves a maxi dress but what if you’re short or worried it’s too much fabric? Easy fix, pick the long maxi with a slash to lengthen your silhouette.

Long skirt and a long slit: If you can’t resist the charm of that dress – you can’t envision your life without it – but the slit is a mile long, pffft no problem, stitch it up at the top for a quick fix!

The slit is the statement: Don’t go overboard with accessories or distracting pieces, the slash is the dash of sexy so sculpt your outfit around it for a more polished look.

Leggy perfection: You don’t need to have toned buffed legs to wear the side-slash look like Angie. Your legs are the eye-candy when they sneak out for a peak. So don’t panic if your legs aren’t perfect – what’s perfect anyhow – but, if you’re a bit leg-shy toss on some flashy hose, heels or a bit of bronzer so your legs can confidently shine.

Wear the heels: For a longer silhouette and more defined legs, match your side-slash dress with a pair of fabulous heels or strappy booties.

Not workplace casual: Sexy side-slits aren’t workplace appropriate unless it’s a very tasteful slit usually found on the back of a pencil skirt, so reserve statement slash pieces for your going out look.   

The skirt slit is flattering on every body shape and on every age bracket. The vertical slit paints the illusion of sculpted skyscraper legs (short ladies rejoice). And for ladies over 50, a long dress can be made less matronly by adding a tasteful slash. Did we mention, a side-slit instantly adds comfort to curve-hugging dresses – bonus! This is why every lady needs to make sure their dress collection features a sexy chic slitted dress or skirt for daily and formal wear!

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