How to Use a Smartwatch for Business

May 21, 2018 No Comment

Studies have revealed that way a person looks when they conduct business is a large part of whether they are seen as a serious candidate for the position or contract, and that dressing for success is a tactic that is proven to work. As well as a sharp suit and tie to convey professionalism, the accessories that you wear and carry play a large part. Cufflinks, pocket squares, and expensive pens and notebooks convey an air of wealth and success, and as well as that a fine watch is a must.

So, what does a smartwatch say about you? Some years ago you might have seemed like a real outsider wearing a computer on your wrist, and would probably have been viewed with a degree of suspicion, but today it is different. Long gone is the image of the spotty nerd with no social skills, and as we well know tech entrepreneurs are the new online royalty. Part of this is to do with the fact that due to advances in computing they are now genuinely useful, and thanks to companies like Apple entering the market a lot of them look pretty good too.

So, we’ve established that you won’t be frowned upon for wearing one to your high powered meeting, but what should you use it for? Well, sadly this is where they fall down slightly. Whilst excellent bits of tech in their own right, if you’re taking notes on one you might look a little foolish, and be scrolling through to find information online is still fairly cumbersome.

However, the new range of hybrid watches brought out by a range of companies from designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger watches to established smart watch makers like Fossil combine the look of a great analog piece with some useful digital technology like vibrating alerts, smart customizable buttons, text alerts and so forth. If you cant use your full-blown smartwatch cum computer in a meeting for anything really useful without looking like a berk, you may as well have most of the functionality whilst still looking great!

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