Intriguing Style Tips And Rules Every Man Should Be Aware Of

Intriguing Style Tips And Rules Every Man Should Be Aware Of

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Traditionally, it is women who take a long time getting dressed. Most men stick to the basics of a shirt, suit and formal shoes for work and jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers on weekends. However, the style-savvy man knows there is so much more to dressing appropriately for different occasions.

There are a number of style tips and rules that every man should be aware of. One important rule is about the choice of colors for work suits. It is best to go with muted rather than bright colors which are sometimes referred to as ‘business colors’. These are black, navy blue, brown and grey. These can be worn with pastel-colored shirts such as pink, yellow, light blue and white shirts which can be teamed with boldly colored ties. It is also best to stick to solid colors for suits or subtly-patterned ones such as stripes and checks.

A man of style will also pay attention to accessories. Functional accessories such as watches can be selected to also make a statement of style. Gold or silver colored watches or those with dark leather straps look elegant and stylish. For off days, sports watches look cool and well-synchronized with casual clothes like jeans, chinos, t-shirts and sneakers or loafers. When dressing formally, subtle accessories such as gold or silver-toned men’s bracelets and neck chains add polish. Our clothing and style represent our ideas and the way we feel, try Zero Fucks Given Apparel for cool and stylish dressing.

An even more important accessory is shoes; they can either make or break a man’s outfit. The best shoes to wear with formal suits is leather shoes. Apart from their formality, they add polish and structure which enhances a suit. It is best to stick to’ business’ colors for shoes just as with suits because ideally, a suit should be worn with shoes of the same color. A contrast between the two takes away from the formality. Sneakers and shoes made of other materials such as suede and canvas of any color are best saved for casual days and teamed with jeans, chinos, shorts and other casual wear.

Intriguing Style Tips And Rules Every Man Should Be Aware Of

While making choices about suits and shoes, it is also worthwhile to mention socks. The line between the pants and the shoes should be a continuous, unbroken one. This means that the color of the pants, socks, and shoes should be the same. It is best to stick to all cotton socks which allow the feet to breathe thus preventing embarrassing foot odor. Solid colors or subtle patterns like argyle and stripes are ideal.

Stylish men also pay attention to fit. A suit jacket should fit well, giving enough room to sit and move around freely without being too tight. It shouldn’t be too big either because that makes one look sloppy rather than professional and on point. The pants should also fit well and be of the right length. They should be just long enough to touch the top of the shoe and they should not be too tight or too loose. It is worth it to have a tailor customize a suit to get a perfect fit.

Away from work, it is important to rise to the occasion for formal occasions. There are many stylish options for events like weddings and other formal social events. Such events present an opportunity to play it up such as a white tuxedo worn with black pants or touches like suede or velvet on the jacket collar and lapel. Fancy, brightly colored silk or satin pocket handkerchiefs on the jackets can also come into play and so can two-tone dress or shiny, patent dress shoes/

It is definitely a relief to spend the day in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt but casual doesn’t mean rugged. Dark jeans look good and unless the distressed look is deliberate, worn, faded jeans should be thrown away. Chinos are also casual and comfortable and they can be worn in place of jeans sometimes. The same goes for t-shirts and sneakers; those that are worn out should be thrown away and other options like loafers should be considered. Accessories like stylish sunglasses, bracelets, rings and sports watches can add pizzaz to a casual look.

What is on the inside matters as well. Women have long known the difference that lingerie makes and men should also get in on it. Soft, comfortable cotton or silk briefs or boxers feel and look good and they set the stage for getting dressed with style and elegance. Sites like Movablemark are good guides on how to have good fashion.

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