Putting Together the Perfect First Date Outfit

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Deciding what to wear on a first date can be a stressful experience. Along with fears that the chemistry with your date won’t be exactly what you’re looking or (even worse) that you won’t have anything to talk about, you also have the added stress of choosing the perfect outfit. Worrying about your first date ensemble is understandable— you want to impress your potential love interest, but you also want to be relaxed and at ease in your clothing choices. Thankfully, there are a few rules that will help you create a show-stopping outfit for any first-date activity. Keep reading to see 5 tips that will help you put together the perfect first date outfit.

Dress for the Occasion

Much like buying a house, a first date outfit should focus on location, location, and location!  A hike in the mountains or a day at the beach demands a very different ensemble than dinner at a nice restaurant. You want to dress for the occasion, so it’s important to ask your date what the two of you will be doing. A day spent walking around the city will likely require nice jeans and comfortable walking shoes, but heels and a sundress might be the ultimate option for a night time dinner and movie. No matter the activity, dressing for the occasion is the best way to ensure that you will be content and at ease with your clothing choices.

Be Comfortable

Comfort should always be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a first date outfit. When you are comfortable, you will automatically feel more confident, allowing you to exude a sexy air of self-assurance that your date is sure to notice. On the flip side, if you don’t feel comfortable in your clothing, you will likely spend the entire night worrying about your outfit and making irritating adjustments, which will detract from your ability to be in the moment. Thankfully, there is an unlimited supply of comfortable clothing options. Silk kaftan dresses offer a free-flowing and effortless option that can easily be paired with heels for a nice dinner, while a women’s tunic top provides a more casual and comfortable look th2at can be paired with jeans for a picnic in the park. Whatever outfit you might choose, making comfort your first priority ensures that you will always stand out without clamoring for attention.

Don’t Be Too Elaborate

When putting together a first date outfit, it can be tempting to toss all of your favorite pieces together in one elaborate ensemble. Your most extravagant top paired with your most breathtaking pair of pants and all of your favorite accessories may seem like a show-stopping option, but it often ends up looking too busy and sometimes a little intimidating. For first dates, it’s better to keep it simple. Stay away from overly busy patterns or gaudy jewelry and try to stick to basic colors and understated designs. This will allow your date to focus completely on you, instead of being distracted by all the competing elements of your ensemble.

Wear The Trends. Don’t Let The Trends Wear You

If you are a fashion-focused individual, it may seem like a no-brainer to embrace the latest trends in your first date outfit. However, a lot of trendy clothes and accessories are definitely designed for making the loudest statements possible. For example, oversized jewelry may end up looking garish and loud rather than tasteful and trendy, especially if your date is totally unaware of what’s popular on the runways. If trends are important to your sense of style, it’s perfectly okay to incorporate some trendy elements into your ensemble. However, it’s best to stick with simplified silhouettes and well-known classics to ensure that you don’t let your sense of style outshine your personality.

Be True to Your Personal Style

While it makes sense to craft a first date outfit that takes your date’s perception into account, you should also be true to your personal style. At the end of the day, you are the one who actually has to wear the clothes on the date, so you should always ensure that you have put together an outfit that you actually like. If things go well, you also want to show your date what they can expect out of your fashion choices in the future, so if your sense of style is a bit quirky or unconventional, you shouldn’t be afraid to show that off. First dates are all about being yourself, and your fashion choices should reflect your unique character and charisma.

First dates can be stressful, but figuring out what to wear doesn’t have to be. Follow these simple tips to guarantee that you can put together the perfect first date outfit, every time.

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