Wardrobe Additions You Didn’t Know You Needed

December 19, 2018 No Comment

A new year is a great opportunity to refresh yourself: acquiring new habits, new attitudes and a new look – starting afresh on the 1st of January gives you some momentum, and quiet days between Christmas and the New Year gives you the chance to reflect and decide just what changes you need to make. Making a change to your wardrobe doesn’t just mean you have some new clothes: changing your look means you’ll form new first impressions as you meet people, and get treated differently. Dress the part, and you’ll be treated like you belong, making behaving differently much easier!

Today we’re taking a look at some of the wardrobe additions you may not even have known you needed, to give you a fresh start in the new year.


All clothing choices are a battle between comfort and fashion, and on your feet, fashion wins all too often.

Clad yourself in comfort in 2019 with some women’s sliders. These thick soled, open toed sandals are a great choice to add to your repertoire for lazy Sundays at home, or to comfort tired feet after a hard session in the gym – especially if you’re making a fresh start on health and fitness in the new year.

They’re also a boon to have on hand if you’re planning any holidays for 2019: they’re the perfect footwear to slip on and pad down to the pool for a busy day relaxing in the sun.


If you don’t have at least one piece of cashmere in your wardrobe then you’re selling yourself short. Good cashmere is expensive, but the right piece is an investment that will be reward you for years to come.

Cashmere’s a classic material, so it attracts the best designers to do their best work: a good quality cashmere sweater isn’t just made of a legendarily soft, warm fabric, it’s likely an example of excellent design and craftsmanship. It makes it an easy addition to any outfit when you need to quickly style up to meet the requirements of a more formal occasion: cashmere is always sophisticated.

It’s also more hard wearing than you might expect. As long as you take care of your cashmere – give it time to rest between wearings, wash it carefully (hand washing with a mild detergent or even baby shampoo could make it even softer over time!) and let it dry resting on a towel rather than wringing it out or hanging it up – then you’ll find it keeps its shape for years and will be one of your go to garments!

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