Top 8 Women’s Popular Athleisure Brands Right Now

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Athleisure has recently risen in popularity thanks to Instagram fitness stars and cheap pay-as-you-go gyms encouraging everyone to get fit. The trend isn’t just restricted to the gym either, hence the coined ‘athleisure’ phrase. Gym wear has transformed into fashionable every day clothing, and a number of brands are fighting to dominate the scene, curated with stylish athletic wear in mind. Here is a list of the best athleisure brands right now:



  • Lululemon


Hugely popular in America, Lululemon has started to take over on a global scale. It’s one of the best-known brands in athleisure thanks to its yoga-inspired pieces. There’s everything a girl could need to get her fitness wardrobe looking amazing, from unique leggings to supportive sports bras. All pieces are as comfortable as they are stylish.



  • Les Girls Les Boys


This brand prides itself on its bed-to-street aesthetic, with a casual oversized vibe to all of their collections. Les Girls Les Boys have everything from designer lingerie to comfortable vest tops. They also have cropped hoodies, perfect for wearing to the gym and breaking a sweat.



  • Fabletics


Fabletics is a womens activewear brand co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. Along with Lululemon, they’re massively popular in the USA and around the world. Their primary selling point is their membership system, where you can get discounts on their products and regular perks.  



  • Varley


Although Varley was created in London, it was inspired by the lifestyle in LA. Everything in Varley’s collection is unique and different to any other active wear brand. They have everything you need if you’re someone who likes to stand out from the crowd – even in the gym.



  • Vaara


Vaara was predominantly created for busy working mums who also strive to have an active lifestyle. Each piece is designed to be versatile, so you can just as easily wear it on the school run and at the gym.



  • Girlfriend Collection


Many fashion blogs (such as are citing the Girlfriend Collective as the next big thing. This brand were so confident that their leggings were the best on the market that they went viral in 2016 for offering customers a free pair!



  • Outdoor Voices


Outdoor voices are a gym wear brand with no frills. Simple, stylish gym wear for the everyday woman. The designs are simple yet impactful, offering the perfect balance between workout clothing and loungewear.



  • Vie Active


If there was ever an athletic brand to trust, it’s one designed by a personal trainer and athlete. Vie Active features practical yet fashionable clothes, for anyone who needs to run errands before heading to the gym in one versatile outfit.

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